Guy du Plessis  

 Psychological Counselling Services  


  • Addiction Counselling: For individuals who are struggling with addiction and for whom individual counselling may be effective.  My therapeutic orientation is informed by integral metatheory, psychodynamic psychotherapy, philosophy of action, virtue ethics, existential-phenomenology, existential philosophy and existential psychology.
  • Recovery Coaching: In my coaching methodology I assist my clients in developing an Integrated Recovery Program, as outlined in my books An Integral Guide to Recovery and An Integral Foundation for Addiction Treatment.  
  • Supportive Counselling for Fathers: I provide support form fathers dealing with various issues including parental alienation, custody issues and Narcissistic/Borderline personality disordered co-parents. I am informed by Dr. Craig Childress's Attachment-Based Parental Alienation model. Facing parental alienation can be an extremely traumatic experience, and I provide coping skills and support for navigating this trauma. 

  • Trauma Counselling: I am a Registered Counsellor with a specialisation in Trauma Counselling with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). I provide short term counselling for those that have experienced a traumatic event.  

"The soul in its essence will say to herself: no one can build the bridge on which you in particular will have to cross the river of life-no one but yourself. Of course there are countless paths and bridges and demigods ready to carry you over the river, but only at the price of your own self. In all the world, there is one specific way that no one but you can take…” 

                                                                                         - F. Nietzsche